and best tackled
In pairs

incredible breakthroughs
Are possible

PREMIUM life Coaching, Clairvoyant READINGS, Workshops, and Empowerment Retreats for women who are ready to stop struggling and start enthusiastically thriving!

I'm ready to book!

and best 

tackled in pairs...

incredible break-throughs are possible

i'm ready to book!

Premium Life coaching, clairvoyant readings, workshops, and empowerment retreats for women who are ready to stop struggling and start enthusiastically thriving!

Empowered Healer Transformation Foundations

New Course

4 week Course for women who are ready to end overwhelm, dissolve compassion fatigue,
& deeply connect within a cohort of sisterhood

and best tackled in pairs

incredible break-
throughs are possible

I believe every woman has the ability to deeply heal and live in greater alignment with their authenticity and purpose. Where we tend to get stuck is not knowing what to do or where to start. That's why I'm here, let me help you to ~

Clairvoyant, Transformational
Coach, Coffee Lover, Dog Mom,
 And Wild Woman! 


Tend to your deepest wounds, connect to your highest purpose, and be more present and loving in all of your relationships.

Develop self awareness and insight to self correct negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.

Receive guidance around relationships, finances, spirituality, career, and life purpose. 

Experience healthy sisterhood and connect with like minded women. Check out our Events.

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You are constantly overachieving, burnt out, and want to connect with what makes you truly happy.

you are a highly sensitive person craving tools and education concerning your own gifts and intuition.



You feel confused, uncertain, or stuck in your life and not sure what to do next.




check and see if any of these apply to you...

on the fence about working with a clairvoyant coach?


Common Questions

what kind of session should I schedule?

I offer a variety of transformational services, let's figure out which one is best for you.

Choose a Clairvoyant Reading if you are feeling confused, uncertain, stuck, or have questions that need to be answered. Curious about energy blockages, past lives, or having feelings of stagnation that need to be addressed.  

Choose Premium 1:1 Coaching if you have anxiety, stress, and negative thought patterns that keep you from fully enjoying your life. Tend to your deepest wounds, create healthy coping strategies, and learn lifelong tools so you can stop the struggle and start enthusiastically thriving.
*Choose Intuitive Development Coaching if you are ready to explore your own gifts in a safe container with a professional Intuitive Development educator. Perfect for HSP, empaths, clairs, and everyone in between.

Choose a Human Design Reading if you are looking for pragmatic and detailed information on how to develop healthier relationships, make better decisions, and manifest the things you want in a way that is aligned with your energy. Learn strategies to live an easier more fulfilling life and walk away with a clearer understanding about what makes you unique and special.

Choose a Discovery Call if you have questions and are unsure about what type of session to reserve.

how should I prepare for my session?

1. Make sure you are somewhere quiet and comfortable with good internet connection.
2. Write down your questions and session goals before the appointment and take notes during the the session. 
3. Stay well hydrated. 
4. Give yourself space to process our time together. Do not fill your schedule immediately before or after our session. 

what type of people seek your services?

Over the past decade I have shared my clairvoyant & coaching offerings with a wide range of folks including therapists, lawyers, mothers, business executives, entrepreneurs, healers, and everyone in-between. If you're looking for an experienced down-to-earth guide with a wicked sense of humor; I’m your huckleberry!

what is a clairvoyant?

Typically, a clairvoyant is someone who is referred to by other words, such as a psychic or intuitive. Someone who is clairvoyant has a heightened awareness of the people and energy around them. They can use this awareness to gain insight into a variety of things, including but not limited to the well-being and feelings of others, as well as situations that might be affecting their life, relationships, health, and happiness.  

how do virtual sessions work?

Since 2019 my private sessions have been exclusively virtual. There are many benefits to virtual sessions including; more accessibility, real time sessions from the comfort of your own home, and recording options. I have found that virtual sessions are just as potent if not more so than in-person sessions. 

When it's time to start our session you will join our Meeting Room by simply clicking the Zoom link located in your Appointment Confirmation Email. If you prefer over the phone you can also call in via the phone numbers provided below the video link. 

cancelation policy, and DISCLAIMERS

Cancelation Policy: Cancellations or Reschedules require a 24 hr notice or you are subject to pay for your missed appointment.

Disclaimer: By law, I have to state that the clairvoyant/intuitive information I (Barbara Brinkley-Whitford) provide is for entertainment purposes only. 

All information provided by Barbara Brinkley-Whitford and does not substitute or constitute for legal, financial, business, psychological, or medical advice.
For full Disclaimers Click Here. 

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