Guidance, Education, & Community for
Soul-Led Practitioners and Dedicated Self-Healers

Big, Bold, Beautiful Life

When you're here to change the world you deserve to live a

When you're here to change the world
you deserve to live a

Exhausted, Anxious, & Isolated shouldn't be the norm. Especially when you are here to change the world.

Whether you're a soul-led practitioner who feels depleted or a dedicated self-healer who feels stuck even though you have "tried it all" I have solutions for you!

Empowered Adventure: Wild Woman Island Immersion
Aug 24-28 2023, Belize 

New Event

Luxury Women's Empowerment & Yoga Retreat for those who crave the Wild & Sacred!

Self Discovery & Purpose

Maintain healthy boundaries and get unstuck from all the bullshit that's been holding you back. Spend more time doing what you love and less time tending to your never ending anxiety, stress, and outdated coping mechanisms. 

Intuition & Internal Guidance

Interpersonal Connections & Sisterhood

Learn how to radiate your super powers out into the world and master effective tools to feel grounded, empowered, and reconnected to your life purpose and true identity. 

Energetics & Boundaries

Empath is a hot ticket word at the moment but what if you could tap into your intuition and hold space for your clients in a way that felt less depleting and more nourishing? Master your gifts, learn how to make decisions with ease, and stop the insistent self-questioning.

Loneliness is an epidemic even for the women who are doing the work. My events are designed to help you deeply heal and create powerful non-codependent relationships that feel nourishing and are coated in levity and joy. 

What Do You Want To Learn?

tired of the bullshit? Then LET'S get to work!


I believe every woman has the ability to deeply heal and live in greater alignment with their authenticity and purpose. Where we tend to get stuck is not knowing what to do or where to start. That's why I'm here!

Whether you are just beginning your healing journey, or you’re a seasoned practitioner yourself who simply needs a fresh perspective and a reset; the transformative experience I bring into my offerings is appropriate for anyone who is serious about their own growth, personal development, and well-being.

Coach, Educator, Clairvoyant,
Coffee Lover, Dog Mom, & Wild Woman

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