barbara brinkley-whitford

transformational Coach + Educator 

Ask your important questions, receive accurate insights



I will open my books every 8-12 weeks to schedule new clairvoyant sessions. Fill out the form below to be put on the waitlist.

Due to demand my schedule is at capacity for clairvoyant readings.

Are ready to heal the hard stuff.

Have goals you want to achieve but don't know where to start.

Have burning questions that need to be answered.

maybe you....

Receive guidance around health, relationships, finances, spirituality, career, and life purpose. 

Self correct negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Leave the session with action steps and start working toward reaching your goals!

Stop cycling through feelings of guilt, shame, stress, and anxiety. Release the obsessive thoughts and let's get you on the road to reclaiming your peace.

Need Guidance?
Then read on,

Clairvoyant Readings
Less woo woo, more
accurate insights

I take great pride in using my abilities to offer solution focused insights that feel grounded and tangible. 

Whether you are just beginning your healing journey, or you’re a seasoned practitioner yourself who simply needs a fresh perspective and a reset; the transformative experience I bring into my offerings is appropriate for anyone who is serious about their own growth, personal development, and well-being.

Receive clarity and healing around the hot topics in your life. Feel more certain in your decision making and stop second guessing yourself.

Here's what we can do together...

CLARITY & healing


Create a tangible action plan to actually reach your goals. No more procrastination.

motivation like a mofo

empowered & embodied


Feel empowered and come into contiguity with your own unique gifts.
I'm simply a guide you are the master of your own life!


" With Barbara there's no beating around the bush
she goes straight to the root of the issue "

trine k.

As a natural born clairvoyant I have regarded my clairvoyant/psychic abilities like a harvard graduate would regard their phd. If you are looking for an grounded intuitive session with an experienced practitioner, you have landed in the right place. The container is set, just bring your questions!

I'm Barbara and I'm so
glad you're here...

Hey there!

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