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Have you been wanting to take a sacred healing journey and unlock your most ancient feminine wisdom? Are you longing to connect to your sisters while walking your own sacred path? Are you looking for your soul tribe? Then join us!


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Ready to deeply connect to yourself, your gifts, and feel empowered.

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Support in creating healthy boundaries and increase self-esteem.

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You want to learn how to access your sacred feminine and masculine energy to bring balance to your life and relationships.

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Ready to reclaim your voice and stand fully in your creative power.

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You need a safe space to explore your most authentic self.

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You are longing to cultivate healthy relationships with other women.

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What is your why?

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Ready to connect with your tribe?

let's do this.

"the art of being full of yourself"

3 Day Women's Retreat

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A transformational retreat for COURAGEOUS women

Being Full of Yourself                     
1) Traditional Definition: Self centered, thinking that you are very important in a way that annoys other people.
2) Our Definition: Deeply connected to the core of who you are, clarity about what you want and how you are going to get it, impeccable boundaries, and ecstatically overflowing with the light of your own soul. 

JOIN US Oct 15-17 for this 3 day 2 night all inclusive Women’s Retreat at Sacred Grove Retreat Center in Gold Hill, NC. Located on 11 acres of beautiful land Sacred Grove boasts cozy lodging, ample space, and a truly magical ambience. 

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3 Day Workshop Entrance

The main retreat lodge is called The Grove House. The first floor consists of three bedrooms and two full baths, along with a spacious open kitchen, living, and dining area. With views of the labyrinth, the ceremonial dance arbor, and the vortex, the second floor of The Grove House also includes a library and sitting area in addition to two dorm-style bedrooms (one with five twin beds and the other with four twin beds and one full-sized bed). Each of the two bedrooms has its own half-bath.

investment of $500 for a commitment to bettering your life.


All meals and drinks provided. Including Breakfast Bar , Cooked meals for lunch and dinner, and Snacks *Options will be available for allergies and preferences. You can bring your own snacks or food staples if you wish. 

All training, professional guidance, and activities provided.

Kind Words 

After payment confirmation a registration form and information packet will be sent to the email address connected to your PayPal account.



Ready to connect with your tribe?

let's do this.