barbara brinkley-whitford

transformational Coach + Educator 

A 4 week Course for women who are ready to end overwhelm, dissolve compassion fatigue,
& deeply connect within a cohort of sisterhood

Transformation Foundations

Empowered Healer

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Lacking intimacy and depth in female relationships

Trying to help/heal everyone even to your own detriment. 

Living in unnecessary fatigue, anxiety, and confusion  

Exhausted, Anxious, & Isolated shouldn't be the norm. Especially when you are
here to change the world.

tell me I'm wrong if you AREN't feeling... 

All the old coping mechanisms and tools have stopped working and you know it's time to try something new.

Whether you're a soul-led practitioner who feels depleted or a dedicated self-healer who feels stuck even though you have "tried it all" I have solutions for you!

You are holding space for family, friends, and clients all day. Your compassion fatigue is through the roof and you can't seem to shake their energy off you.

Maybe you have wounds from previous female relationships or it's just been difficult to find the time or the space to connect.

Sound like you?
Then read on,

Learn energetic body systems theory and master effective tools to feel grounded, empowered, and reconnected to your purpose and true identity. 

Over the past 2 decades I have studied, formulated, and tested tools designed for intuitives, empaths, and healers who struggle with boundaries and living a FULFILLING life. 

If you relate to the above or are a woman navigating anxiety, overwhelm,  & burn out; this course is for you.

Harness the support and momentum of a tribe of women who are doing the work while walking their own sacred path.  

Learn how to navigate your empathic gifts so you can show up in your life feeling nourished rather than depleted. No more energy vampires.

Learn powerful tools to maintain healthy boundaries and clear your energy. Spend more time doing what you love and less time having to tend to your never ending anxiety.

Now just imagine...

badass boundaries

Connect to your cohort

slash compassion FATIGUE




jamie s.

Student love

"My time with Barbara
sparked the shift I needed
in my life."

Women who want to feel connected to their true power and feel better.

People who have done a lot of self-help work but feel that some fundamental patterns are not changing.

Soul-led practitioners, helpers & self-healers who desire a deeper understanding of how our energy systems work.

Anyone who feels overwhelmed, helpless, or anxious and need some fresh tools and trusted peer connection.

Women who crave community and support.

Soul-led practitioners struggling with compassion fatigue + overall stamina.

Who Is This Course For? 

Accessible, practical exercises you can use on a daily basis to regulate your energy and nervous system.

Create masterful relationships with a cohort of women and thrive inside a safe community.

How to access and trust your own sensitivity, intuition, and decision making skills in an empowering way.

Stop the revolving cycle of healing and reconnect to your personal power and presence.

Why we get stuck in cycle's of anxiety and overwhelm from an energetic standpoint.

How to activate our bodies own innate ability to clear energy and maintain healthy boundaries.

The relationship between core emotional pain points and your body, and how you can transform past pain points into power.

Energetic body theory and how it relates to our emotions, physical health, and connection to others.

In this course you will learn...

A 4 week virtual course powerhouse combining energetic systems theory, practical application (meditation, tools, & exercises), as well as guided listening partnerships to help you process your experiences and expedite your healing. 

Empowered Healer:
Transformation Foundations

Let me introduce you too...

"Working with Barbara has been life changing for me. I have gained self-confidence, clarity, and seen improvements in my personal and professional relationships."

cheri m.

2 Cohort Gatherings


+ Energetic Body Theory
+Practical Lessons including exercises, meditations, and tools.
+Cohort Check In's
+ Recordings available for download

+Listening Partnership Practice
+Cohort Check In's
+Virtual via Zoom

Dates: Thursdays, January 26th & February 2nd 9th 16th
Time: 6:30pm EST
Duration: 90 Minutes

Dates: Mondays, January 30th & February 13th
Time: 6:30pm EST
Duration: 60 Minutes

4 Fundamental Live Zoom Classes



Details And
What's Included

Private Facebook Page

+Stay connected in between sessions 
+Private community space to process and ask questions

Journal Prompts PDF

Guided Meditation Recordings


+ Ask specific personal questions or recieve clarity around any theories or tools you might be struggling with.
+ Recordings available for download

Dates: Tuesday,  February 7th
Time: 6:30pm EST
Duration: 60 Minutes

1 Live Q&A


"Barbara gave me a roadmap so I can hold space for my clients without exhausting myself."

kelly V.

Whether you are just beginning your healing journey, or you’re a seasoned practitioner yourself who simply needs a fresh perspective and a reset; the transformative experience I bring into my offerings is appropriate for anyone who is serious about their own growth, personal development, and well-being.

I'm Barbara and I'm so
excited to be your guide! 


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Barbara's classes are full of beautiful sisterhood and a safe place to heal.



Barbara brings authenticity, love, and magic to everything that she does. If you have not yet participated in one of her events, you are missing out on something very special. 



Barbara's classes are AMAZING... Enlightening and REAL!!!


on the fence? Check out these


"Sacred Space"

I have been blown away by her uniqueness and power as well as the space she held for everyone in attendance. 



I attended Barbara's workshop tonight, not knowing what was gonna transpire. I left speechless.



Afterward I always feel very connected to all different types of women. Barbara is a wonder facilitator and makes you feel so at home.